Photo Artist   Yorihito Yamauchi


  1959 Yorihito Yamauchi was born on 31 January 1959 in Chiba Prefecture, next to Tokyo in Japan (Aquarius, Blood Type A).
  1979 graduated from Department of Commercial Photography, Tokyo Visual Arts, Tokyo.
  1982 established an office through studying of Mr. Tadashi Muto.
  2001 started up official web site.
  2007 began the delivery of official mobile site (Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) Inc.). 

Yamauchi stuck to an artist and/or a musician that stimulated his sensibility as subject, and established his own office in youth of 23 years old.
He involved in starting magazine 'Pati Pati' (published by Sony Magazines Publication), which influenced not only the music but also the fashion magazine of Japan. In this magazine, started from the cover and the gravure preface, he took a photo more than the half of the content of magazine every month. Those works drifted so much sense of existence that the graphic designer could not modify, so that they were like the art work collection with musicians and a photographer Yamauchi. Through Yamauchi's finder, many young rock musicians got on in the world, such as THE CHECKERS, Koji Kikkawa, Yutaka Ozaki, etc. These musicians, at that time, were ranked to the high grade of the ORICON chart and had created one large movement of the rock in Japan.
By the big success in this magazine 'Pati Pati', Yamauchi's name spread to the music business at a dash, and the request of the CD jacket producing poured into him.

Yamauchi has met one genius named Yutaka Ozaki. It cannot be forgotten.
Yutaka Ozaki was a charisma rock musician who debuted at the age of 17, and died suddenly at the age of 27 years old. His fan, that is, 50,000 people gathered in the funeral on the rainy day. He ran through, like James Dean, in the music business in Japan. Yamauchi had known Ozaki before he debuted. To be more precise, because of being attracted very strongly by him, Yamauchi kept pushing the shutter for ten years. In the photo session, it seemed that one genius and another genius drew the magnetic pole of the plus and the minus each other, and at times each of them repulsed in the magnetic pole of the plus. Taking a picture was always done in such a tension. When Ozaki went to New York first at the vacation, Yamauchi ran after Ozaki at his own expense and kept taking his photo. Since Yamauchi was enchanted to New York at that time, he visits this town several times a year.
New York is not a town where man grows up, but where man is dyed in the filter named New York. Yamauchi wanted to see it by himself how to be dyed in the filter.
Ozaki had lost himself in the filter New York to make it his own forcibly. But it was possible for Yamauchi, who accepting the filter New York, to see himself objectively. As a result, through Ozaki, Yamauchi established the first attempt in the photography world of Japan. That is, to send manuscript to a printing office by the color prints.
Pictures are taken by the positive, and they are sent to a printing office. It is very usual, so the color can be vividly reproduced naturally. In addition, Yamauchi drew even the color, as a super richly-colored, in to his world.

Photographs of idol were changed by Yamauchi.
"I want you to take my photograph as one human being who is not the doll but has the will."
Such a request has increased in Yamauchi's office. At that time, if it was possible to take an idol photograph superficial lovely and beautifully, it was enough. However, since the rock movement happened in Japan, idols also began to insist and to pursue individuality. Originally, it was a lamplight that Yamauchi hat lit. The lamplight spread to idols world.
After that, Yamauchi's photographs were published in all the gravure magazines such as 'Playboy' (Japan's version: two million weekly at that time) as well as idol's CD jackets.
Also in the world of the fashion, Yamauchi was soon selected as the exclusive photographer for the magazine 'Fashion Tzu-shin' because of the extremely unique in his photographs. Furthermore, he was suddenly requested to take photographs for not only the cover but also the preface and several pages of magazine, and he treated a lot of beautiful advertising photographs including cosmetic firm 'SHISEIDO' of the Japanese biggest business, so that the name of Yorihito Yamauchi rose to photographer's great master at a dash. Naturally, a number of similar photographs kept increasing, but Yamauchi had been already in the next 'zone'.

According to what Yamauchi thinks, Zone is to catch the person as a document. It was an attempt of entering the person even internally and catching the moment of beauty in the world of the zone that was that person's wild instinct. The attempt was different from the document photograph in a recent fashion, where the beauty was disregarded.
His target was some artists who were doing a variegated activity, such as the painter Christian Riese Lassen who is ecology and marine artist's authority, the genius artist Yoshitaka Amano who works on concept design of worldwide game 'Final Fantasy', and Tsurutarou Kataoka who is a character actor and the painter. In addition, Yamauchi stepped in super-top athlete's world, such as a judo athlete Rickson Gracie who kept winning by 400 games, a Formula 1 pilot Jean Alesi, and a professional golf player Tiger Woods and Shigeki Maruyama.
At the same time, Yamauchi paid attention to Internet world promptly. He had already constructed his own site and the system, from which the photograph was able to be downloaded in charge. This is a net gallery of Yorihito Yamauchi.
In contrast to the past when our works were expressible only after there were publishers, editors, and graphic designers, it is now possible to edit and design ours by oneself in the on-demand. The free one's own world is expressible.
Yamauchi says: "Everyone all over the world can see it for 24 hours. There is no such lucky age so far." His own on-demand digital publication has been started-up first in Japan.

yChallenge, Originality, Pursuit, and Inquiryz
The word that talks about Yamauchi increases every year.
A picture which he keeps taking secretly for these ten years or more is that of World Heritage. It goes up to about 100 places in World Heritage that Yamauchi takes as the extension while he turns round all over the world by coverage. For example, they are Aqua Polis in Greece, Mont-Saint-Michel in France, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Stonehenge in Britain. Whenever there is a chance, Yamauchi will keep taking a photo of the inheritance where it goes up to 700 or more, even if it is not possible to do so. These healing photographs have far exceeded the area in the photograph. His original works, which are boldly composed and color-printed with a delicate touch, have shot freshness and divineness through his finder as if an ancient building approaches with the life. It is exactly the world in the zone.

Yamauchi tries to improve the art photograph even in equal sense of values with the painting.
He says: "My dream is that my photograph spreads and remains all over the world."

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